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Sacred Journey, Sacred land: A new Zealand Pilgrimage

MARCH 9-25, 2020

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Mitre Peak
Milford Sound


"The Happy Isles. Last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart," was Rudyard Kipling's apt description of New Zealand, a land so isolated it was the last sizeable place to be settled.

The first humans to reach these rugged islands undertook a journey to the ends of the earth as epic as that of the Fellowship of the Ring.

These Polynesian heroes and heroines live on in story, song and dance, and they will be our inspiration to explore the heroic in our own life stories .Because story-telling also finds expression in painting, weaving, architecture and carving, our pilgrimage will be enriched with art and meetings with artists. Dorrie and Friends
Mosaic Garden, Akaroa
Okains Bay
Ancestor Guardian,
Okains Bay

Southern Alps
Southern Alps

From Maori teachers we will learn indigenous traditions of sacred land and the wisdom of the animals. As Maori say: 'toitu whenua e' - the land is forever.

Our journey will take us to sparkling beaches, ancient forests, volcanoes and thermal springs, glow worm caves, mountains, glaciers and fjords.

Along the seacoast, we will have encounters with whales, dolphins, seals and penguins, and in the bush we will see the country’s unique birds – even the elusive nocturnal kiwi. Because of New Zealand’s isolation, flora and fauna have survived here from the Jurassic age, most notably giant tree ferns and tuatara, hardy reptiles that look like miniatures of the dinosaurs with whom they once lived.


Christchurch Botanical gardens
Christchurch Botanical Gardens
Blue Penguin
Little Blue Penguin
Tour Group Haka Practice.
Tieke Marae, Whanganui River

Tree Fern
Tree Fern

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