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Colours of Rajasthan: A North Indian Tour


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Deserts, camels, rock forts, mountain-rimmed lakes lined with temples and glimmering white palaces, brilliant fabrics, gorgeous turbans and clothing, vibrant folk dance and music.

Rajasthan Colours of Rajasthan Colours of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is perhaps the most exotic and colourful state in India, a region of surprising contrasts. Peacocks strut through mud-hut villages. In an arid landscape, lakes are nesting grounds for unimaginable numbers of migratory birds and other wildlife. Medieval walled cities rise like shimmering mirages from sand dunes. Seemingly a poor land, Rajasthan has always been wealthy in adventurous traders and innovative entrepreneurs, who have poured their riches into ornate temples and fine houses. Sculptors, painters, jewellers and musicians have thrived. Though this land of rajas (kings) never produced an imperial dynasty, it was the thorn in the side of every North Indian Empire, and its vaunted warrior traditions are dramatically revealed in the massive fortresses that dominate hill ridges. Surrounded by Muslim states, Rajasthan remained a bastion of Hinduism, but its monumental architecture, arts, crafts and cuisine are an intriguing blend of both cultures.

Colours of Rajasthan Colours of Rajasthan
Colours of Rajasthan

Rajasthan delights the traveller with its colour and visual drama, and it excites us with the verve, joy and laughter of its people. Our tour will give us the experience of daily life in cities and villages. We will also enjoy quiet wildlife interludes at nature sanctuaries.

Colours of Rajasthan

Colours of Rajasthan

Tour Members write:
"Thank you for an incredibly memorable and meaningful introduction to India and the wonderful people who inhabit the country" Mark and Susan Stuart, Battle Creek, Michigan "Thank you for a life changing tour. I have appreciated that you have taken care of everything and have not left anything to chance."
Kay Ward, Mandurah, Western Australia
"I really did enjoy the journey and the company and most importantly the opportunity to gain a first hand insight into Indian life at many levels."
Anne Murphy, Warkworth, Auckland

"I had a wonderful, wonderful time in India, and loved the tour, and feel that something really shifted in me on a deep level, for which I am very grateful."
Dina Glouberman, London
Colours of Rajasthan     Colours of Rajasthan

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