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"Other Ways Of Knowing" opens with the words: "Take heart! Humanity is wise and, in its rich diversity, possessed of vast reservoirs of creativity, inspiration and spiritual energy with which to meet the challenges of the New Millennium. Be of good cheer, for this is an intentional, life-enhancing universe with love as its vital force.

"You and I have great work to do. In the 20th century humanity has been hell-bent on acquiring new knowledge. In the 21st century we must have the wisdom to save ourselves from the effects of this knowledge.

"At a time when many are despairing at the fate of the earth, it is my purpose with this book to bring you the good news that the necessary wisdom is readily available from many sources:

"From the sacred traditions of our ancestors. From the spiritual lives of our own and other cultures. From spirit in nature. From the deep knowledge of healthy processes embedded in our own bodies. From feminine ways of being. From contemporary movements for personal, social and ecological transformation. Unexpectedly, even from the apparent source of our current crisis, science itself."

Responding to the hunger for serious examination of the great issues of the age, John Broomfield provides an understanding of why our civilization is at an impasse.

"In the modern West we have made the serious error of equating our way of knowing, which we variously call science and history, with all of knowledge. Put another way, we have taken a thin slice of reality and mistaken it for the whole. Happily, there are other ways of knowing."

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"John Broomfield honors ageless wisdom and indigenous peoples with this outstanding integration and synthesis of other ways of knowing. This book braids together scientific understandings of reality with all the perennial spiritual resources available to human beings in nature and honors the powerful ancestral teachings that imprint thousands of human generations."

--Angeles Arrien, 
Ph.D. Cultural Anthropologist
Author of 
The Four-Fold Way


From his planet-wide explorations across times and cultures, John Broomfield has woven a marvelous multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary web of knowledge and inspiring teachings that will surely help us find our way again to a more balanced relationship with the Earth and all Her Beings.

--Ralph Metzner, 
Ph.D. Psychologist
Author of 
The Well of Remembrance
and Signs of Life

This is a wide-ranging, erudite work. Broomfield gives us the pattern that connects. He writes exquisitely, his knowledge is huge."

--The Book Reader

"Other Ways Of Knowing is a passionate testimony to the grandeur of life, and a vote of confidence in the potential of human consciousness. We're all in this together, as Broomfield says, "to piece together a wise and joyful way of being in the world."

--Anne Simpkinson,
editor, Common Boundary


John Broomfield's book lays out the reasons why we can take heart even in these turbulent times:

By drawing on the knowledge from other cultures, ancient spiritual traditions and nature, we can transform our world.


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