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Kerala backwaters
Kerala backwaters

To have been in India and traveled only in the north (some say) is not to have seen India at all.  In the South, Hinduism has been least altered by outside influences and is at its most exuberant.   

The ornate, brilliantly painted temples in the South are grand structures.  The region is also home to Christians whose churches enshrine traditions reaching back to the first apostles.

Our journey shows us great cities of ancient culture and sleepy beach villages.  We meet dedicated visionaries who are working to provide new opportunities for the poor, and visit magnificent temples and places of pilgrimage.  We enjoy sculpture, painting, music and dance. 

On the Road in Tamilnadu
On the Road in Tamilnadu

Fruit Vendor
Fruit Vendor

In the southern mountains are true jungles, home to the largest wild animals, including tigers.  

A highlight of our journey is four days spent at the palace of a former maharajah in one of India's biggest wildlife reserves.

Kathakali Dancer.
Kathakali Dancer
Shiva Temple, Kerala.
Shiva Temple, Kerala
Taking Care of Homework.
Taking Care of Homework
Cocunut Lagoon Resort, Kerala.
Cocunut Lagoon Resort, Kerala


Our happy South Indian travelers write:

--"Thanks again for being our teacher and guide.  
It was a super experience and a real education."

--"It truly was a profound, life-changing journey."



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